Nix Stix mold releases are formulated to release rubber, polyurethane and thermoplastic molded parts.

Nix Stix Products are formulated to release molded rubber, urethane, and other molded materials.

Polyurethane & Rubber Releases
Spray or wipe pure silicone fluid on the molds. Mini-sprayers are available to spray the silicone fluid. This system eliminates solvents and water. It saves money because the solvent or water is removed.

Aerosol Releases (
Aerosols for the release of urethanes, epoxies, and all types of rubber compounds.

Liquid Mold Releases
Sprayable solvent based or water based mold releases for polyurethane and rubber.

Long Lasting Releases (
Long lasting, semi-permanent, bake-on releases for hydrocarbon rubbers. They cure almost instantaneously and can give thousands of releases by re-spraying.

Specialty Polymer Releases (
Releases for silicones, fluorosilicones, and fluorocarbon rubbers. These same products will release hydrogenated nitriles and other hard to release rubber compounds.

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